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Our consulting services are based on formal training, personal experience, and research. In order for an organization to be truly inclusive, they should proactively assess where they excel and where they are deficient. Even if not legally required in most states, demonstrating a commitment to inclusion is a corporate value which should transcend the law. Take a look at our consulting services to see how we can meet your needs.

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Policy and Protocol Audits

A policy and protocol audit will review your current policies and processes (e.g., clinical intake, employee mediation) to ensure they are inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as check for offensive terms. All audits are accompanied with a formal written report and recommendations for remedial actions.

Building Audit

Many public buildings, especially older buildings, are not designed with gender identity in mind. We can perform a walk-through of your facility and provide you with a formal report on the inclusivity of your building and suggestions for remedial action.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

In the event your organization has conflicts stemming from discriminatory or bias-related incidents, we can assist you by being an impartial third-party mediator between employees and supervisors and employees. Along with this process, we can recommend future actions which your organization can take in order to prevent this type of conflict from occurring again.


Do you have specific needs in terms of cultural competency training or professional development training? We can evaluate your current training needs and provide a tailored 1-2 day training seminar made up of one or more of our workshops.

Recommended Services

For LGBTQ+ Clubs, Student Organizations, and Non-Profits

For Educational Institutions

For Businesses , Non-Profits, and Government Services

For Healthcare Providers

Consulting Services begin at $75/hour plus travel. For a free consulting consulting estimate, click here.

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