A dynamic speaker, Darcy has delighted audiences across the United States with her story of the liberating experience of living an open and affirming life. As a transgender woman and a graduate researcher in psychology, she has a unique combination of experiences to provide both a perspective from personal experience and empirical research. Mixing comedy, raw emotion, sassy passion, and a down-to-earth storyteller vibe, Darcy is able to reach a large range of audiences for a a variety of occasions.

Becoming Darcy 40-60 mins + 10-15 mins Q&A

Darcy’s most popular and well-known talk, Becoming Darcy is her story of the transformative power of self-acceptance and affirmation.

Unraveled 20-30 mins + 10-15 mins Q&A

Darcy shares her experience as a practicing Christian after coming out as Transgender and her call for the church to find redemption in being open and affirming of their LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters.

Letters to David 30-40 mins + 10-15 mins Q&A

Darcy recounts the lessons she wished she’d learnt as a teenager as she grappled with coming to terms with her sexuality and gender identity.

Speak Out, Now! 40-60 mins + 10-15 mins Q&A

Darcy discusses current issues in the transgender and queer community and how straight and cisgender allies can use their privilege to help propel the trans-queer rights movement forward.

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: What We Know (and Don’t) and Why It Matters 40-60 mins + 10-15 mins Q&A

Darcy reviews our current scientific knowledge of gender identity and sexual orientation and how that knowledge (or lack thereof) contributes to (or hinders) our fight for equality.

Custom Talk

If you have a specific talk in mind for your event, provide us with a detailed description and we may be able to create a talk.



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