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Darcy Jeda Corbitt is a doctoral student in Health Psychology at North Dakota State University and a prominent advocate for transgender rights in the upper Midwest. Darcy combines her research into online social interactions and health outcomes with a passion for helping marginalized communities realize their own agency in their unique journeys to becoming better versions of themselves.

Darcy has been active in the equality movement since 2012, serving a the leader of Auburn University's LGBTQ+ organization and working with Equality Alabama and HRC Alabama to promote LGBTQ+ rights in her home state. Her political advocacy work has included successfully having gender identity and expression added to Auburn University's (second most conservative in the US) anti-discrimination policy and bringing about more visibility for the trans community of Alabama and North Dakota through over 50 media interviews and appearances including a front page feature stories in The Birmingham News and The Auburn Plainsman.

Since moving to North Dakota in 2016, Darcy has spoken at and consulted with 8 of the region's colleges and universities, appeared in local media 22 times, traveled to all four corners of the state, and organized the region's first LGBTQ+ campus inclusion conference. She currently serves on the NDSU Gender and Sexual Diversity Advisory Board and the ND Department of Health LGBTQ+ Advisory Board. In addition to speaking throughout the state, consulting with institutions of higher learning and state agencies, and presenting her research around the country, Darcy is also the co-host of North Dakota's only LGBTQ+ radio program, Finding Me, which highlights issues faced by North Dakota's LGBTQ+ population and gives voice to local queer folk for one hour every week.

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